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Packing tape machine fault and the solving methods


The instant adhesive sealing tape sealing carton sealing, economy fast, easy adjustment, and can complete, the sealing action, can also be used for printing tape, can improve the product image, is the automation of packaging enterprises preferred. Sealing tape machine is a key part of the drive motor. Motor power bigger is better.

Sealing tape price concessions on sealing tape machine malfunctions and solutions:

The 1 sealing tape machine clamp nails too slow or nail clamping stroke: lack of loose bolts, before deduction or machine inner pad wear, the bolt can be screwed, attention before the chain shaft position of the right, can replace the front buckle or machine within the piece, the action, to test its function, if the distance is too short to fine-tune the front fastening shaft, if slow down trimming before fastening shaft;

2: the bottom of the main body of the piston rod leak ring is damaged, this time should replace the ring;

The 3 exhaust port leaks: valve loop or switch seat ring is damaged or replacement ring piston ring damage;

4: trigger leaking valve ring or a switch seat ring damage replacement ring;

5 drive ring loose cannot locate : steel strip and the drive spring elasticity, remove machine combination, and the spring pin re-assembled or replacement of steel strip and the drive spring.


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